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Animal Spirit Network


Dawn is proud to be a faculty member of the Animal Spirit Network (ASN).  ASN offers a wide range of classes for and about companion animals, including animal communication, animal Reiki, shamanic healing practices for animals, animal nutrition and health, and animal behavior.  Most classes are offered in a convenient teleclass format. 

Click on the logo or go to to explore the networks many classes!
Enchanted Journey

Enchanted Journey Logo

Enchanted Journey is Dawn's home away from home.  Most of her classes are offered at this location and she has an office in the store where pets are welcome.  Click on the logo for store hours, directions and other events.
Patti and Jenn stock a nice selection of books on animal communication, natural care of pets, Reiki and shamanism, Bach flower remedies and essential oils for people and animals, crystals, herbs and more.  They stock books and supplies for Dawn's classes and are happy to special order items for you.

Visit the website at for the current class schedule and what's new!
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