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The role of an animal communicator is one of interpreter or translator, assisting your animals in conveying their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to you so you can better understand their perspective.
During the course of our consultations, we also have the opportunity to convey thoughts in return to the animals for clarification, and a deeper mutual understanding.  The specific results of the communication session(s) will be different for each animal.
Beneficial effects include understanding their perspective on the source of behavioral problems, releasing trauma and fear surrounding injury, illness and death, simply understanding the animal's needs and feelings and thus deepening your relationship.

How I work...

95% of sessions are completed by phone, so I first ask for the animal's name, age, breed and for a picture or description.  Since the animals and I work best in a question and answer format, I also ask that you provide 3-6 questions you would like to directly ask as a starting point for our conversation with your companion.
I begin each session by opening a telepathic connection with your animal companion.  I receive messages in one of four ways:  words, impressions, images or sensations.  Our sessions are interactive and you will have the opportunity to ask follow up questions or discuss issues to gain additional clarity.

In addition to telepathic communication, I offer and incorporate shamanic and Reiki healing modalities into my work with clients, as well as essential oils and flower essences.  These options are based on the insights received during the communication session and your prior experience.  If you are already working with other practitioners in these fields, I will suggest you return to discuss our findings and that you jointly continue to work from there.

And a reminder:  animal communication is not a substitute for proper veterinary care, but rather a complementary service to help you and your animal companion achieve a richer understanding of each other.

To Make an Appointment.....

The quickest way to make an appointment for a telephone session is to book online a:

Please check my calendar of events for a listing of locations where I will be available for short in person sessions.

To schedule an in person session in Chicago's south suburban area or to book an event please call me at 708-946-9750 or send an email to