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Dawn, Splash and Roxie
Dawn, Splash and Roxie

Dawn has shared her life with a variety of "creatures great and small".  She has had a long love affair with horses, but is best known for her work with hedgehogs.  She is author of the book, "The Happy, Healthy Hedgehog", and has trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians on hedgehog handling and care.

Dawn has been an invited speaker to WEZAM, the Wildlife Exotic and Zoo Animal Medicine conference, at the University of Wisconsin.  Her articles on hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small pets have appeared in numerous trade and consumer publications.  Dawn developed and sponsors IHOG, an agility program for hedgehogs, is a judge for the International Hedgehog Association, and has assisted with 4-H small animal projects.

Dawn describes herself as a perpetual seeker, participating in clinics and apprenticeships on a regular basis to continue her training.  She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Holistic Health.

Through her contacts in the "pocket pet" community, she has developed a practice that includes rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, poison arrow frogs, bearded dragons, elephants, and even millipedes, in addition to hedgehogs, dogs, cats, horses and humans.

Dawn teaches contemporary world culture, geography, and green living in academic settings and everything she loves in non-academic settings.  Course offerings include animal communication training, Reiki for animals and their humans, green living, shamanic practices, drum making and more.

Dawn and her husband, Bob, currently share their mini-farm with their "pound puppy", Roxie the Gypsy Queen, hedgehogs Mariah Namid, Priya, Grady, and Willow, and a lot of nature spirits.

Click here to view Dawn's program for MVCC's The Learning College, A Hedgehog Guide to the Universe.